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Writing an eBook is a big job. Let us help you out. Our experienced writers can create eBooks that engage readers from start to finish.

The Formula Behind Planning,
Writing And Designing A Custom E-Book

Our proven process will help bring your best ideas over the table for our professional ebook writers to work with. You can have an hour-long interview session where you can discuss the plan about for professional eBook writing services, eBook marketing and distribution strategies with our professional eBook writer. So if you have any difficulty in expressing your ideas on paper this platform is beneficial for you.

Once you hire our professional eBook writer, they will pen down the content as per your requirements and will improve it by eradicating the errors to ensure your audience can enjoy the eBook.

How it Works

1. Place orders with our simple interface.

Our one-page order form asks you a few simple, essential questions about your content requirements. You can easily specify voice, tone, keywords, and other important guidelines.

2. Qualified writers create your content.

A qualified writer will claim your order and write your content based on your guidelines. Use instant chat or request revisions to ensure the content perfectly matches your requirements.

3. Engage your audience and increase search traffic.

Publish amazing content that engages your target audience. Word of mouth, social shares, and organic search traffic together grow your customer base. It’s that easy!

Custom eBooks Written on Demand

Authoritative E-Books

Easy to Get Started

We make it easy to tell your writer what you want. Just fill out a simple form and hit go!

Quick Turnaround Time

Writers work quickly and keep writing until your eBook is finished and approved by you.

Get Help with Your Outline

If you have a plan for your eBook, great! Submit it and we’ll start writing. If not, ask your Client Success Manager for help.

At Writing Maesters Get Your E-Book Published Easily

Ensure that your eBooks will not only be read but loved and shared as well with our services at Writing Maesters where we have a team of experienced writers to cater to your specifications and needs. They are qualified and proficient to handle the e-book authored by you.

Connect with an E-Book expert

Writing An eBook Doesn’t Have to be a Full-time Commitment

You’re an expert in your industry and you have a wealth of knowledge.

That’s great, but with most people’s busy schedules, it can be difficult find time to distill that knowledge and put it into a format that can be shared with your target audience.

With our eBook writing service you can connect with a fellow industry expert and let them take the knowledge you share with them, add it to their own, and craft an eBook that will truly establish you and your company as authorities in your space.


The Power of Ghost Writers

When you hire ebook writers on our platform, you’re entering into a ghost writing relationship with them. When you buy your content from them, all copyright transfers to you and you can publish the content in your name.

Our writers are experienced with this setup and will also spend time to learn your business and your voice so they deliver content that reads like you wrote it.

Why You'll Love Your E-Book


We only accept the best eBook writers on our platform, so you can rest assured the final product you get back will be top-notch and ready for graphic design.

100% Unique

Our powerful plagiarism detection software ensure that your eBook's content is original. The content we provide is 100% unique.

Ready to Promote

Your eBook is delivered including valuable calls to action encouraging readers to contact you to learn more about your services.

Promote Your eBook

Writers can also create a promotional campaign for your eBook including landing page copy, ads and social media posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our standard pricing applies to ebook orders so pricing starts at just 5 cents a word.

Absolutely. We have over 6,000 vetted writers in our system that cover almost any niche imaginable. We also give you tools to find the writer with the perfect skills and experience to tackle your project.

Yep! Our writers can help you craft content for advertisements, email campaigns, and your landing pages.

Absolutely. When you complete payment on your ebook all intellectual rights transfer to you and you’re free to do whatever you like with the content.

Really, as long as it needs to be to properly cover the topic you’re addressing. Your writer can help you determine that. As a rule of thumb, we usually see ebooks coming in at a minimum of 5000 words.

We don’t offer ebook design services, but if you contact your customer success manager they can refer you to some great designers who can help you out.


Create The Finest-In-Class E-Books By Including Engaging Content And Aesthetic Graphics.

To ensure your satisfaction, our experienced and qualified writers pen the best e-book under the credentials of your name. We prioritize confidentiality and respect privacy therefore we guarantee the e-books are entirely confidential at Writing Maesters and safe with us. we are willing to guarantee that copyright is owned by you.