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Refund Policy

  • Under any circumstances, no complete amount of money will be refunded. It should be taken a note of, that all are writers are paid in advance.
  • It is required that a refund claim is made within the first 14 days since order is received back.
  • No refunds are entertained on urgent orders in any way.
  • After receiving your refund amount, we own the copyrights of work that we sent to you. It doesn’t belong to you anymore.
  • No refund appeals are acceptable on the trivial mistakes found by the client.
  • Actual proof of failing grade is demanded from our end in order to accept a refund claim.
  • If a student has a history of failing in a certain subject, and fails to get a passing grade after utilizing our services, no refunds would be acknowledged.
  • Writing Maesters owns every right to reject all sorts of refund claim without providing further explanation.